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World leaders in Satellite navigation, Traffic mapping and Real-time information systems

The use of personal navigation devices (PND) is still on the increase as the rate of transfer from map still outstrips the speed of navigation being standard fitment in today’s vehicles.


The very latest touchscreen PNDs provide an even more compelling reason to stick with a personal device given the advantages for portability and the near “future-proof” nature of being able to upload the latest software to the device really easily.

TomTom’s latest innovations make the most of their leading Traffic mapping and real-time information systems by matching an intuitive interface with reliability and the ease of magnetic docking.

Nemesis as the UK OEM distributor for TomTom has developed a range of semi-integrated fitting solutions for TomTom devices, which further adds value to the user experience. Whilst infrequent drivers might rely on a navapp for the smart phone, regular drivers need the advantages that the semi-integrated PND package delivers.


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