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Brodit in-vehicle device holders are device specific and available for the latest handsets including smartphones, rugged PDA’s, handheld computers and tablets. Holders are available as Passive, non-charging or Active with charging built in, and can also be integrated into any vehicle.

Attach a Brodit holder securely to your dashboard using a Brodit ProClip. The ProClip mounting platforms are vehicle specific and push into the vehicles dashboard rather than using a windscreen suction mount. They will not damage your dashboard and when fitted present you with a plastic plate to screw your Brodit holder to. With your device in a Brodit active holder it will remain secure and fully charged while on the move.


Where navigation and business APPs come together

BRIDGE is the new Android based business tablet that can help future-proof your business, allowing you to integrate all your business applications and create innovative services that will keep you ahead of the competition via a single device and platform.

In addition, BRIDGE offers you best-in-class navigation, the latest maps and award-winning live traffic information. BRIDGE can help your mobile workers make informed decisions, take fewer risks, and manage processes on the go – while cutting back on dispatchers’ workloads.

Increase efficiency, reduce costs, and gain a deeper insight into your business from one connected mobile solution. Move your business faster with BRIDGE by TomTom.


Products include ADR610 and ADR810
Enjoy driving, while being confident that Philips automotive driving recorders will protect you in case the unexpected happens. Rely on smart automatic functions, to capture and save everything that happens on the road.

Enjoy peace of mind while driving. The Philips automotive driving recorder will protect you in case the unexpected happens. Feel safer thanks to automated safety functions; Collision Detection, Emergency EasyCapture and Fatigue Alert.


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